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Fortior Technology is a leading IC design company for high performance and high quality motor controller and driver, and motor solution. Fortior Tech started in Singapore. Besides the departments in Singapore, Fortior Tech has also R&D center and customer supporting department in China now for serving the fast developing markets of China and Asia timely and efficiently. We think globally and act locally to provide efficient, fast and unique products and services for customers. With high performance and unique solutions, Fortior’s products can be widely used in industrial, consumer, IT, transportation, health care, communication, and many other fields.




Fortior Technology has abundant technical strength and pays attention to the accumulation and protection of intellectual property. With leading technologies, we are able to provide high performance and high quality motor driver ICs to customers.  Our core technical team consists of many international experienced experts who won many national and international awards in the fields of motor design, motor drive and control system and IC design. Furthermore, they enjoy a high international reputation and have rich industrial experiences.  We establish advanced management systemsof IC design, process, production, test and quality control. Our technical strength ensures that we can launch our high performance and unique products rapidly.




With the strength in innovation and accumulation in technologies, Fortior Tech has realized a lot of high performance and unique drive chips, for examples, sensor and sensorless drivechips for single-phase and three-phase brushless DC motors. We are committed to making contributions to environmental protection and energy conservation. In the field of high performance motor driver IC design,our products can fully meet the complicated demands on the miniaturization, digitalization, intellectualization, multiplefunction and high integration from different applications. Not only low cost, low power-consumption, low emissions and high integration, we can also provide convenient and unique drive solutions for customers. We can cooperate and support customers to optimize their product design and shorten their product development cycle.




Fortior  Technology  is on its way to the global market with its unique technologies. We have been dedicating the innovation to realize high performance IC products and motor solutions. With leading technologies and continuous efforts, we can realize the products being stable in quality and good in quality-price ratio. We are committed to be a world’s leading supplier in the motor driver IC and motor solution.


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