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As a fast developing company, we need vibrant staffs.

Social Recruitment

We offer open work platform and positions of marketing, sales, application, research and development.

Campus Recruitment
If you are searching for
An opportunity to join a world's leading semiconductor Company
An opportunity to make contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection
A fast growing and rapidly expanding platform
An active and energetic lifestyle
Your will be pride and passion for your innovationwhen you findtheses parts used by your friends and daily life.
Please pay attention to us
Fortior Technology is a leading supplier of motor controller, driver ICs and system solutions. Founded in May, 2010, Fortior Tech set its headquarter in Shenzhen, China. Since that, Fortior has been concentrating at motor drive, motor system and IC design technologies. At present, Fortior Tech is the only company which has the these technologies in greater China region (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Fortior Tech’s R&D centers are located in China and Singapore. Our core technical team consists of many international experts who won many domestic and international awards in the fields of motor design, motor drive and control system and IC design. Furthermore, they enjoy a high international reputation and have rich industrial experiences.
Fortior Tech developed high performance sensor and sensorlessdrive technology for single-phase and three-phase brushless DC motor. Our IC products and motor solutions can fully meet the industrial requirements onminiaturization, digitalization, intellectualization, multiplefunction and compact integration. Our products are good in quality-price ratio, high efficiency, low EMI, and are adopt to all the areas linked with motor systems. 
Our products are widely applied to domestic electronics, PC, communication products, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical and industrial products.
We are looking for you.
We are looking for people who have same values with us. If you are sincere, innovative, good at study, willing to share, brave to take on responsibilities, good at communication and collaboration, you are just the person who we are looking for.
Recruitment Procedure
Submit resume, campus presentations, written examination, interview, offer
Apply for internship
We provide internship positions for students who are pursuing master degree or doctor degree in motor drive, IC design, mechanical and electrical integration technologies, or related research areas.
We are willing to provide training opportunities for outstanding students.
We would like to support and help you to growth from a student to professional and interdisciplinary in a short time.
Salary and Welfare
We offer a very competitive salary, adequate welfare and long-term incentive plans.
We offer open working platform, positions of high growth, professional training and competitive salary and profit sharing plan.
Prospect of promotion
We are committed to providing learning and promotion opportunities for each employee to make them become high-quality professional in his area.
We believe that distinguished persons are the key factor for company’s development, so we pay attention to each employee’s development.
We provide three promotion channels for employees including technical channel, business channel and management channel. So that employees can realize their own values with their own interest and expertise, and also develop together with the company.
No matter which promotion channel you select, Fortior Tech is the place to realize your dreams.
Company philosophy
Company philosophy is what we must adhere to. It includes:
Mission: Unremittingin pursuingthe best quality products and services.
Vision: Become a great company built to last.
Goal: Become a global leading supplier in the motor control and drive systems.
Core values: We advocate equality, trust and respect for others. We adhere to honesty and integrity to pursue excellence. We encourage employees to be creative, innovative, flexible and enlightened. With sharing spirit, we work as a team and rely on the team's unremitting efforts to achieve same goals.
Company Responsibilities
Employees: We provide the best promotion and job opportunities, competitive salary for employees to make them be proud of working in Fortior Tech.
Shareholders: We are committed to creating maximum values and satisfiedinvestment return for our shareholders.
Customers: We always concentrate at the customer to supply the best products and services for them.
Society: We will try our best to energy conservation and environmental protection with high efficient drive products.
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