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 Brushless DC motor profile

Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motors, BL motors) is a synchronous motor, but the motor isdriven by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC power to drive the motor. BLDC motors can generateits maximum torque when stationary. Some limitations of brushed DC motors can be overcome by BLDC motors, they include higher efficiency and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear. BLDC motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including more torque per weight, more torque per watt (increased efficiency), better reliability, lower noise, longer lifetime, and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI). With no windings on the rotor, the motor is not subjected to centrifugal forces, and because the windings are supported by the housing, it can be cooled by conduction, requiring no airflow inside the motor for cooling. This in turn means that the motor's internals can be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.The rotor position of BLDC motor can be detected by using Hall sensors, and can also be detected by sensorless technology. Drive the motor with sensor can realize higher starting torque and wider speed adjusting range. Using sensorless drive method, the motor size can be more compact, cost can be reduced and reliability can be improved as the elimination of Hall sensors.  


Comparison between solutions with or without position feedback

With or without position feedback

With position feedback

Without position feedback

Motor structure

Need sensor to detect rotor position, such as Hall sensor, optical encoder, etc. The system is sensitive to the environment condition, and complex in structure.

No position sensors, simple structure, wide applications.

Drive features

Need position detectcircuit. Simplein control algorithm, largein starting torque, fast in start, and good in overloading capacity

Simple circuit, complicatedalgorithm, and low cost of the motor system



Features of Fortior’s sensorless technology

Following the fast developments of electronic and motor, BLDC drive mode has been widely accepted in many areas. To achieve high reliability, and be robust to the variation of motor parameters, the drive technologies must be improved to extend the application area of the drive. With years of efforts, FortiorTech’ s motor and drive experts have realized the high performance sensorless BLDC drive series chips. Using the chips, the driver can realizes fast motor starting, and the features of the drive are not insensitive to the motor parameters. The chips are also easy to realize the optimal drive mode, and have soft start function and many protection functions. All these can extend significantly the application area of the motor driver.


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