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Fortior Technology will be exhibited at the 14th China (International) Motor Expo Exhibition----Focusing Brushless DC Motor Drive Control Field
Author:fortiortech  Updated:2014/11/25  

The 14th China (International) Motor Expo will be held at Fair Pazhou Complex (China Import and Export Fair Complex) during 26 to 28 November 2014. The fair is the largest,  most authoritative exhibition on motors and related products. As a leader in high-performance motor drive  chip and the overall solution provider, Fortior Technology will elaborate booths A26, and will display a number of technological innovations.

In the exhibition, Fortior Technology will introduce a full range of brushless DC motor drives products in detail, including the three-phase brushless DC motor dedicated control chips (sensor and sensorless square wave, quasi sine wave and sinusoidal wave series, and FOC series), single-phase brushless DC motor dedicated control chip, MCU series, HVIC series and MOSFET series, and also will have a live demonstration run multiple applications. At the same time, Fortior Technology will further discuss the future development trend of brushless DC motor drive technology.

Welcome to visit and come to know Fortior Technology.

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