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Fortior Technology Had a Brilliant Appearance in the 14th China (International) Motor Expo---Reflect the leadership in High-performance Motor Drive
Author:fortiortech  Updated:2014/12/3  

 The 14th China (International) Motor Expo Exhibition opened in Guangzhou at November 26. Fortior technology was the only high-performance motor drive control chip and the overall solution providers, bringing the latest technological achievements.

At this motor expo, Fortior technology demonstrated the world's first comprehensive three-phase, single-phase brushless DC drive Hall, Hall-insensitive single-phase brushless DC drive technology, and demonstrated fan, fans, pumps and other sophisticated applications, attracted many domestic and foreign motor manufacturers representatives, corporate engineers and technical experts’ attention.

In the global trend in  energy conservation and emission reduction, high efficiency motor has become more and more important in industry and home appliances. Fortior technology provides customers with a complete high-performance motor drive integrated solution, with in-depth study of the brushless DC motor drive control areas, helping clients shorten their development cycle, reduce production costs, improve product performance, and maximize the motor efficiency. With excellent control performance, professional service, competitive prices, Fortior technology has acquired respecting from many famous motor manufacturers.

In the future, Fortior technology will support customers with more reliable, efficient, cost-effective products and solutions .

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