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Looking for business partners
Author:fortiortech  Updated:2015/1/20  

Fortior Technology is a leading company for high performance and high quality electric motor controller and driver IC, and electric motor solutions. Currently, it has established R & D centers in Singapore, Shenzhen China, and its logistics center in Hong Kong.  Fortior Technology supports its customers with stable, efficient and cost-effective products and solutions. Fortior Technology can meet and has effectively met the needs of many industries of industrial, consumer, IT, transportation, medical and communications for high-performance electric motor drive control chip.


As the Greater China region's premier electric motor drive control expert, we have a number of international and domestic patents, including the world's first three-phase, single-phase brushless DC drive technology Hall and Hall-insensitive single-phase brushless DC drive technology.  Focusing on market demand, we have successfully developed a full range of brushless DC motor drive products, in accordance to international electric motor energy efficiency standards, three-phase BLDC dedicated control chips (sensor and sensorless square wave, sine wave and quasi-sine series), single-phase BLDC motor dedicated control chips, dedicated MCU series, HVIC series and MOSFET power devices, etc. They can be and have been widely used in pumps, blowers, fans, power tools, OA, and model ships. We also support home appliances, small appliances, industrial applications and consumer electronics, and many other industry prominent customers.  Our business approach has always been to shorten their development cycle, reduce production costs, and improve their product performance.  With our technology and approach, we have made comprehensive breakthrough in the electric motor drive market.  However, looking beyond our horizon, to further expand our market, we are looking for agents partners.


Adhering to the "mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win" concept of cooperation, we aim to give the partners industry's the lucrative returns, and implement diversified agents cooperation, providing very competitive operation/execution of design take-ons.  Together with your respectable business reputation, collaboratively, ideal partnership can be formed targeting broader electric motor market.


The booming electric motor industry has extensive and promising prospect. We sincerely welcome your inquiries, and hope to cooperate, and together, achieve a win-win for Fortior Technology, partners and customers.


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