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Sensor 180° series
Product Overview
With the fast development of technology in these years, BLDC has been widely applied in the products with strict requirements on acoustic noise, reliability, efficiency and so on. For responding Chinese government's call on energy-saving and environmental protection, Fortior has developed a series of ICs for BLDC driver. Fortior launched sensor 180° series to meet application needs of high efficiency and low noise. This series of product supports sensor drive mode and adopts 180° SVPWM control method to drive motor silently. This series of product is also good in starting the motor.
Product Application
The sensor 180° series of product adapts to motor applications with strict requirements on noise. This series of product is widely used in high voltage/low voltage fans, cooling fans and electric tools.
Sensor 180° series Features
  SVPWM modulation mode   Built-in under voltage protection
  Built-in thermal shutdown protection   Built-in current limit protection
  FG and RD output   Over current protection
  Flux-weakening control   Hall phase loss protection
  Hall signal abnormal protection   Locked-rotor protection
  Auto-restart mode   Brake function
PN Catalog
PN Catalog
PN Package Embeded
Driver Power Range Io
Output Signal Speed Control Typical Application
PD FG Analog Input PWM
FT1006 LQFP32 No External Mos 3.7~18.0 1 Electric tool、fan
FT1016 LQFP32 No External Mos 3.7~18.0 1 Electric tool、fan
FT1127 QFN32 Yes External Mos 3.7~28.0 1 Fan
FT1215 QFN24 No Internal Mos 4.5~28 1.5 0.8 1.1 Air curler,refrigerator fan
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