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MCU series
Product Overview
To meet industry demand for high integration, Fortior has developed a series of motor drivers with "dual core"- high speed motor engine and 8051 core. This series of products integrates predriver, amplifier, LDO, comparator, high-speed ADC, high-speed multiplier/divider and motor control engine. These ICs can provide CRC, SPI ,I2C ,UART, various TIMER、PWM and many other functions. Designed for decreasing customer's solution cost and shortening solution's development cycle, this serious of ICs provide various motor control modes, including square wave, SVPWM, SPWM and FOC control modes.
Product Application
This serious of products can be widely applied to fans, ceiling fans, range hoods, pumps, electric tools and many other applications.
MCU series Features
  Integrated high-speed motor engine & 8051 core    Integrated predriver,amplifier,LDO,comparator
  8 channel 12 bit high-speed ADC    3P3N Predriver/6N/Gate Driver output
  Single cycle 16*16 bit multiplier    32/32 bit divider(16 clock cycle)
  Built-in 4 independent operational amplifiers    internal 4-channel analog comparator
  Built-in VREF reference    
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