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250V 3-Phase HVIC
Product Overview
For driving high voltage MOSFET / IGBT, Fortior technology launched a series of 250V 3-phase HVIC products. With protections of under voltage, cross–conduction and dead time, this series is suitable for various motor driving applications. Compared to traditional HVIC products, Fortior's HVIC products have stronger gate drive capability, they help to reduce system switching losses and system heat, improve system efficiency, and can help customers save system cost effectively.
Product Application
3-Phase motor driving
250V 3-Phase HVIC Features
  Fully operational to 250V   Vcc Range(V):7-20V
  3 independent half-bridge drivers   IO+/IO-=1.2A/1.4A
  UVLO   3.3V/5V input logic compatible
  Cross conduction prevention logic   Internal 200ns dead time 


PN Catalog
250V 3-Phase HVIC Catalog
PN Voffset Supply voltage

Input logic




Cross-conduction prevention Package
FD6287 250V 7-20V HIN,LIN* 1.2/1.4A 6.4/6.0V 6.4/6.0V 200ns o TSSOP20
FD6288 250V 7-20V HIN,LIN 1.2/1.4A 6.4/6.0V 6.4/6.0V 200ns o TSSOP20
Remarks:  “-”expresses no such function; “○”This function is expressed; “*”Indicates a negative logic function.

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