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Product Features
  Sensorless mode   Over current protection
  Locked-rotor protection   Automatic restart mode
  PWM speed control   High integration, less external components
  Built-in over-heat protection   Soft start mode
  Low power mode   Strong electromechanical compatibility
  Built-in under voltage protection   Positive and negative rotation
  FG and RD output   Cross-protection


Application Specification
FT310N is a Three-Phase sensorless Brushless DC motor controller with N-channel MOSFETs driver, and the chip can communicate with external system for PWM current control. FT310N is effective in reducing the cost of drive system and can improve the reliability of the motor system. It has robust starting capability. As the number of connection between the motor and drive is reduced, the assembling is simplified and testing of the motor system is straightforward. FT310N has robust starting capability. The parameter for adjusting the motor starting is realized by adjusting a few of external resistors. Its unique control algorithms can keep the motor in high efficiency running. It can stand a wide of DC voltage from 6V to 20V, high temperature environment, and is long life, low power consumption, adaptive inverse voltage detection, integration, MOSFET front drive, simple external circuit and so on. External of FT310N drives 6 MOSFET directly, and can further reduce the impedance of motor driver circuit, and reduce the temperature rise. The efficiency and reliability of the motor system can thus be improved. The major functions of the chip include soft-start, speed control, reverse, braking, locked-rotor protection, overheat protection, over current, under voltage protection, cross-protection and so on.






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