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Product Features
  Hall sensorless   Positive and negative protection
  Quasi sinusoidal drive   Built-in thermal shutdown protection
  FG&RD output   Built-in under voltage protection
  Auto-restart mode   Over current protection
  Soft start mode   Phase loss protection
  Locked-rotor protection   Brake function


Application Specification
FT3106 is a three phase brushless DC motor drive chip for low voltage application. The chip allows the removal of rotor position sensors so the motor structure can be simplified. FT3106 is effective in reducing cost and improving the reliability of motor system. It has robust starting capability. Compared with traditional solution, FT3106 solution uses built-in Pre-driver to drive external MOS directly, and  the components on the peripheral circuit can be reduced by 1/3. It is effective in  cost reduction,and can shorten development cycle of the electric product. Adopting quasi sinusoidal drive mode, the chip performs particularly well in acoustic noise reduction.
     Application Features
FT3106 is designed according to strict industrial standards. It is produced by advanced high-voltage BCD processing and can meet many industrial and commercial application needs. FT3106 adopts sensor-less quasi sinusoidal drive mode and has wide application range. It can adapt to wide power supply and wide temperature range applications. FT3106 has been widely used in all kinds of cooling fans, fans, small home appliances and electronic toys.


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