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Product Features
  SVPWM modulation mode   Built-in under voltage protection
  Single Hall sine drive   Built-in thermal shutdown protection
  Analog/PWM speed control   Bulit-in current limit function
  Flux-weakening control   Over current protection
  FG and RD output   Hall signal abnormal protection
  Pre-charging function   Locked-rotor protection
  Auto-restart mode    Brake function


Application Specification
FT1016 is designed for three-phase Hall sensor brushless DC motor in high voltage application. It is a chip based on direct hardware design solution to realize external control and high speed conversion. Its unique control algorithms can also keep the motor operate with high efficiency. Compared with other Hall drive solutions, FT1016 solution can simplify peripheral circuit by reducing two Hall sensors. It is effective in cost reduction, product system simplification, and shortening development cycle of the product relying on the motor system.
     Application Features
FT1016 is designed according to strict industrial standards and produced by advanced high-voltage BCD processing. Meeting many industrial and commercial application needs, it can adapt to many kinds of power supply and stand poor working environments. FT1016 has been widely used in all kinds of cooling fans and fans. FT1016 solution has good performance and high robustness.




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