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Product Features
  Hall sensorless   Built-in operational amplifier
  Quasi sine drive   Built-in thermal shutdown protection
  Closed-loop speed control   Bulit-in under voltage protection
  FG output   Current limit function
  Positive and negative rotation   Over current and locked-rotor protections
  Flux-weakening control   Phase loss protection
  Auto-restart mode    Brake function


Application Specification
FT3003 is a three phase brushless DC motor drive chip designed for low-voltage application. The chip allows the removal of rotor position sensors and can simplify motor construction. FT3003 is effective in reducing the cost and improving the reliability of motor system. It has robust starting capability. With advanced closed-loop speed control function, it can keep constant speed under load fluctuation. Compared with other solutions, FT3003 solution can simplify the peripheral circuit devices and system design. It is effective in cost reduction, product system simplification, and shortening development cycle of the product relying on the motor system.  
     Application Features
FT3003 is designed according to strict industrial standards. It is produced by advanced high-voltage BCD processing and can meet many industrial and commercial application needs. With advanced performances, FT3003 has been widely used in cooling fan, fan, pump, small home appliance and kitchen electric equipment.




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